Monday, July 26, 2010

Recent activities

So, since I have been living away from home for the summer I found a new thing I LOVE to do! It's writting. I'm actually i the process of writting a book, a short book probably. The book isn't anything special, it's just a story. It's actually a story of some of my life experiences mixed with fictional, pure imagination, parts as well.

I'm really excited to finish it, and do some revision to it as well. Hopefully someday, when I get it all finished, I will be able to get the book published. It would be weird having a published book, and getting money from it too; but it wold be SOOO cool! I'm terrified to let anyoe read what I have written, because of the life experinces in the book.

No one knows about the experiences that I'm writting about, or a few selected people do, along with campers. But no family, not many friends, so it's terrifying to think what they will think of me. But I'm excited to finish the book, I can't wait to read from cover to cover.

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