Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm taking a summer class, and it's all online. Every week we have two test to take that are due by midnight the next Sunday. So I was trying to be the good student and finish the test a day early, and it looked like it was only 30 questions (about the same length as the first test). And the after question 30 there was not a NEXT button. So I thought I finished the test, and then I went to go look at my scores...What did I find out? I failed, not just it was a close pass, but completely failed. So I look over the test and I find out that there are 60 questions!!! what the HECK! So I e-mailed the professor, so hopefully he'll understand and either...

1) he lets me take the test over again
2) he scores the test of what I finished.
I just NEED an 'A' in this class! I can NOT afford to fail a single test!

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