Tuesday, June 29, 2010


sleep, please come to me. I miss you like a best friend. Sleep, how long has it been since I have enjoyed you? it's been far to long my old friend. please, come and rest upon me. flow through my body and take up room in every place. take me to the lands where anything and everything is possible. Allow my mind to wonder in miraculous ways. I miss my dream world, i miss the colors and the way it left a taste on my tongue. sleep, it's been to long. please, i don't want a one night stand with you. i want you every night. come to my bed, and lay with me. sleep, come and make my eyes heavy. take me on a long trip. allow my head to hit the pillow and not have the strength to get back up till morning. sleep, you are what i want right now; you are all i need. sleep, consume me, make me be your slave for the night. i want you to take me. i want you to shackle me down to my bed, do not allow me to get up. sleep, i miss you like a best friend. Now, just return to me.

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