Saturday, October 8, 2011

Being patient is sometimes the HARDEST thing in life!

Sometimes I just want things to happen when I want them to happen
I do NOT want to wait, but I need to!

Waiting, remainreststophaltpauselinger,loiterdallyinformal stick aroundhang outhang aroundkill timewaste timekick one's heelstwiddle one's thumbsarchaic tarry.

all synonyms for Waiting…being patient…leaving it all up to God.

Sometimes I think that my clock is set a little (or a lot) faster than Gods. I'm ready for SO much in life. However, I guess God has His clock at a slower pace than mine. I'm ready to get out into the world, and start my true life. I am ready for my life to BEGIN!

But, I need to be patient, to wait, to "twiddle my thumbs." God has something wonderful planned out for me. Something that I can't even imagine!!

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